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From / To Dumaguete (As of Dec 2018)

From dumaguete are various ferries operating to Siquijor Island.

But ferry schedule from Dumaguete to Siquijor vv. Cebu/Bohol to Siquijor vv. will be change schedule without prior notice.

Oceanjet ferry

Oceanjet ferry are just 45-50 min between siquijor and Dumaguete. One of best choice travel from / to siquijor because Fast and comfortable boat.



Departure  Arrival
07:20 08:10
09:40 10:30
12:20 13:10
14:40 15:30
17:00 17:50



Departure Arrival
06:00 06:50
08:30 09:20
10:50 11:40
13;30 14:20
15:50 16:40

*Our sister company can organized Oceanjet Ticket anywhere in Philippines. If you need ticket advanced we issue ticket and send you by email.

if need any assistance please send us email to here

Ocean jat official site 


Jaylan Ferry


Montenegro Lines




  • Charter flights are currently not available until further notice.

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