Place to visit on dry day from diving!

Cambugahay Falls

A three-tiered cascading waterfall located in the area of Lazi, these waterfalls are the most well known in the island of Siquijor. Well known for its vibrant turquoise warm waters, Cambugahay Falls is most certainly worth a visit during your time here on the island.

Century Old Tree

Located along the highway in Lazi, this 400 year old tree is a must see. Believed to be enchanted by the locals, the magnificent tree as huge swinging vines. Located underneath the tree is a small pool with both large and small fish providing you with a foot spa stopover during your trip around the island.

Salagdoong Beach

A privately owned beach resort open to the public for a small fee, Salagdoong will impress you with it’s clear waters and a concrete diving platform just below 10m. This beach is a little further away from San Juan, based in Maria, on the east side of the island.

Paliton Beach

A top spot in Siquijor to catch the perfect sunset whilst consuming a drink at the end of the day. Paliton is simplistic but beautiful. A long stretch of fine white sand with a long line of perfectly placed palm trees.

Lugnason Falls

The closest attraction based in San Juan is Lugnason Falls. This is a large waterfall combined with 11 other smaller waterfalls giving it a second name “Zodiac Falls.” The main waterfall has a rope swing and a concrete jumping pad as well as the ability to jump from the top of the waterfall. The locals here are extremely friendly and have some very impressive back flip skills to show off. Definitely worth a visit during your stay here in Siquijor, especially considering it’s location and how close to Last Frontier Dive it is!