Diving in Siquijor

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Welcome to Last Frontier Dive Siquijor

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Last frontier dive is one of the smallest diving operator in Siquijor island. But we are the most experienced diving center in San Juan, Siquijor.

Last Frontier dive offers you a total diving service durning your stay on Siquijor Island.

Last Frontier Dive contact daily trip around Siquijor with professional dive master and diving instructor.

Dive site in siquijor are uniq! We have beautiful and healthy coral reef around siquijor so from bigger to experience diver can enjoy dive around siquijor!

Also we have dive site like wall in Siquijor.

can enjoy dynamic under water formation and beautiful soft corals.

For Certified diver

1 Dive per day  Php 1,600.00

2 Dives per day Php 3,000.00

3 Dives per day Php 4,200.00 

(Price include ALL equipment rental, Boat, Divemaster,Diving/Sanctuary fee)

Non-Certifited diver

Introductory dive / Discovery Scuba  Php 2,800.00

PADI open water diver course  Php 19,000.00 and less!

Fun Diving

mandarinLast frontier dive takes you to our beautiful dive sites in Siquijor island every day.

We are located right in the middle of San Juan, Siquijor, right in the middle of the island’s best dive sites.

Both the wall diving on the northern side of Siquijor island and the beautiful reefs on the south are all accessible by just a 10-15 minute trip from Last Frontier Dive using our two Speed Boat or Local Style Banca boat.

Macro lover and photographer are always welcome.

We will try to find something special during diving based in our long time experience here in Siquijor.

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Dive Course

divecourse2 Last Frontier Dive offers from beginner to professional diving course with experienced instructors in Siquijor.

From beginner which have never dive before, to instructor level course, are available with Last Frontier Dive. vRead more→more→

Siquijor Info

harbal2Siquijor is a small island in visayas.

Siquijor Island is called  “Isla del Fuego” as the Spanish named it, due to the intensity of fire flies, lies some 22 km east of Southern Negros.

While the coastline is mostly white sand beaches, oceans full of tropical marine life the interior is mountainous. Read more→

Why Divers  choose Last Frontier Dive

entry_li@2xMake small group!


When you diving with last Frontier dive we have ONLY 4 divers Maximum take with one dive master.

And even if you are only one , we still run the boat and enjoy diving in siquijor!!

entry_li@2xMost experienced diving operator in San Juan, Siquijor.

Last Frontier Dive operated in Philippines 20 years and 10 years in Siquijor!

One of our instructor has already over 30 years of diving instructor experience and teach from beginner to instructor level in all of the world!

And our local Dive master is one of the most experienced guide in Siquijor! Experience makes a  more enjoyable underwater world in siquijor!

entry_li@2xUse Big and comfortable boat!

Last Frontier Dive use mainlly 2 local style banca Boat and 2 custom made speed boat for divers.

Our 60ft boat “Serena 3” can accommodate up to 16 divers and till have lots of extra space, and other 40ft Banca boat “serena 4” will carry up to 8 divers around San Juan Siquijor area.

Also just newly build our 23ft Speed boat carry 8 divers around siquijor area and other 17ft speed boat will be take 4 divers very handy around siquijor area.

entry_li@2xOne of the best coral dive site is in front of Last Frontier Dive!!

Last Frontier Dive house reef and just beside of the house reef name “Maite Sanctuary ” have some of the best coral at San Juan, Siquijor.

Good for certified divers , we will also take “Introductory Diver” and they will be able to visit the sanctuary on their second dive.

Big chance to see sea turtle and very interesting for Macro dive.

Also nice site for night diving you may see the Mandarin Fish!

entry_li@2xKeep equipment well maintain and buy new one!

Last Frontier Dive try to keep in good condition all of our rental equipment.

One of our management staff is trained for so and certified dive equipment/Compressor technician for international standard.

Also we will keep refresh our equipment so always try nice and confortable condition for your diving in Siquijor Island!


entry_li@2xConvenient location!

Last Frontier Dive is located just at the center of San Juan area on Siquijor Island.

San Juan is a most famous tourist destination so it’s very easy to come and dive.

More reason why lots of divers choose Last Frontier Dive but more easy if you come diving with us, you will see what we are doing here in Siquijor Island.

entry_li@2xClean and Safe air!!