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Low Season

Siquijor dive yadokari


Low season can be so quite, but we are lucky we still have several divers coming even though we have bad weather. From the past two weeks of strong wind and heavy rains, it was impossible to dive, and luckily weather now is better.

Usually this time of the year has the bad weather, from middle of May to September is the southwest monsoon or we usually call “Habagat”. The existing wind from the west. Since San Juan area is facing west, during this time, on the east side of the island is more calm weather.

From month of October to month of April has the calm weather we call “Amihan”, existing wind is from the east (northeast wind). This is the high season, most flat ocean, calm weather and nice sunset view.

Transportation during this season is NO much hassle, unlike the habagat season we always met tourists who had no choice but to stay longer due to bad weather and boat trips are cancelled.

But ofcourse, we cannot say when weather will be good or bad, it is just up to us if we are lucky or not. 😉 . Mother nature is unpredictable. 🙂