Coral Threat

Siquijor dive Dap ag
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Lat Frontier Dive try to save siquijor under water environment!!

Way to go!! Helping the Siquijor’s coral reef. Dive Site, Paliton Wall and Paliton Sanctuary.

This kind of starfish is called “crown of thorns” or locally called “dap-ag” in Siquijodnons.

They are coral-killing starfish. They eat mostly all kinds of hard corals.

They can multiply rapidly and last thing you know, they’re already everywhere underwater. They can be of different colors, from grayish to purple.

Unlike most of the starfish, it has multiple arms and covered with lots of venomous spines.

Once you hit this creature, it will leave you suffer an intense pain for several hours, nausea, vomiting and numbness on the area.

The skin will swell and sometimes spines will remain in the wound and needs surgery to take it off.

To control the growth of crown of thorns and to prevent them from devastating the coral reef, we took them off the water, expose them to the sun to dry or bury them.

Everyone can help, but need extra careful.

So when you go dive or swim, just be aware of this and if you see it, just never touch it.