Experienced dive center in Siquijor and Bohol

Last Frontier Dive in Siquijor and Bohol

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Enjoy and Discover the exciting underwater world in Siquijor and come scuba dive with Last Frontier Dive.


Fun Diving Rate (Dive in same day)


Contact us for more information; info@lastfrontierdive.com 


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  • 1 Dive   1,600 pesos
  • 2 Dive   3,000 pesos
  • 3 Dive   4,200 pesos
  • Sunset / Night Dive 2,000 pesos
  • Shore Dive (house reef) 1,400 pesos

All Prices are incl. equipment, boat, and transport. 

Price excluded Sanctuary Fee (100-150)

Fun Dive Package

  • 4 – 6 Dives             1,350 pesos /Dive
  • 7 – 9 Dives             1,300 pesos /Dive
  • 10 Dives and more 1,250 Pesos /Dive

Min. 2 Dives a day. All Prices are incl. equipment, boat, and transport

Price excluded Sanctuary Fee (100-150)

Dive Course

  • Open water    19,500 pesos
  • Advanced      17,500 pesos
  • Rescue          22,000 pesos
  • EFR                 8,500 pesos
  • Dive Master   45,000 pesos
  • Scuba review   2,200 pesos
  • Intro Dive         2,800 peso

Dive shop in Siquijor and Bohol

Last Frontier Dive is located at Siquijor Island and Panglao Island, Bohol and has been operating as a dive shop more than 20 years now!

Both Siquijor Island and Bohol Island are excellent diving destinations which certainly have made a name for theirselves.

Both Siquijor Island and Bohol Island have healthy coral reefs and a wide variety of different marine life, many big fish to see along with a macro world waiting to be explored.

Dive Shop in Siquijor

Siquijor Dive 13

Siquijor Island is called the “Mystical Island.” Around this island there are many undeveloped white sand beaches.

So you can enjoy a lovely relaxing environment after exploring the underwater world with us.

The diving here is rated very highly from divers previously visiting the island. The diving here is not so well known compared to other parts of the Philippines meaning there is still so much more to explore and discover from diving enthusiasts alike.

When diving in Siquijor, you will discover the health and beauty of the coral reefs here, teeming with life, waiting for you!

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Dive Shop in Bohol


Last Frontier Dive also have a dive shop located at Panglao Island in Bohol.

Bohol Island has many different dive sites to choose from including the very famous dive site called Balicasag – not to be missed!

Last Frontier Dive is specifically located in Nova Beach Resort.

Nova Beach Resort is a very quiet and comfortable beach resort where you  can enjoy the beautiful ocean view with a drink after a long day of diving! Choosing to stay here would make a very comfortable and convenient location to stay during your dive trip.

Last Frontier Dive will escort you in both Siquijor Island and Bohol Island wonderful islands that are a diver’s heaven here in the Philippines!

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What Last Frontier Dive Offers?

Siquijor Dive 11Siquijor Dive safety




Last Frontier Dive in both Siquijor and Bohol Island offers to you:

Siquijor dive divecourse
  • Fun Dive for Certifited Diver
  • Dive courses from beginner (Open Water Diver) to professional (Dive Master)
  • Introductory dive for first time experience
  • Equipment rental
  • And many more (Ask for more details)
Siquijor Dive 11

Also Bohol Island Branch regularly conduct;

  • Balicasag Dive/Snorkel Trip
  • Pamilacan Island Dive/Snorkel Trip

(We require a minimum number of 4 divers on the boat for these trips)

So you can enjoy diving in both Siquijor and Bohol Island!!

For more details for each of our branches, click below;


Siquijor Office

Bohol Office @ Nova Beach Resort